Your way of camping

80 years of "the Art of Camping"

1928: the early Art.

In the late 1920s, camping was not exactly the done thing. In fact, camping really was an Art. At the end of the 1920s, Jelle Holtkamp Senior set off with his own brand of 'Holtkamp' tent to the Friesian island of Ameland. There was no campsite, however a spot in the dunes where camping was permitted. In his shirt with rolled up sleeves and his tie, he soon mastered it. The Art of Camping.

The developing Art

1928-2010: the developing Art

Once son Bert Holtkamp joined the company, he made an Art of devising and designing new camping concepts. Convenience and quality were always key words. With his knowledge of materials and a little experience, Bert Holtkamp developed many tent trailers, storm tents, camping kitchens and unique accessories. Many systems became patented. In 1983, he set the world record for the quickest tent trailer: the Holtkamper Flyer. With its 32 seconds set-up time, including the front awning, this tent trailer is now still the quickest, 25 years on! Bert Holtkamp (right) after breaking the world record.


2010-Present: modern Art

Since the turn of the century, Selina Holtkamp (3rd generation) is the beating heart of Holtkamper, together with Bert Holtkamp. Like many others in the Holtkamper team, Bert and Selina both camp out with their own products each year. Testing them, trying them out in practice and of course always innovating. But, lets not forget all the fun they have doing so! Because that too is our idea of the Art of Camping.

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