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Membrane Airco System

The Cocoon is equipped with a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention: the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System.

Once you've used this system, you'll never want to camp without it.
During hot weather (over 30 degrees) you open the roof and the hot air flows out of the tent.
At the same time, the sun is prevented from heating the air in the tent: the air under the top roof, escapes straight away as soon as the sun causes the temperature to rise.
In all other (normal) weather conditions, you don't need to do anything!
The Membrane Airco Tent System, works automatically.
There is a kind of 'climate chamber' between the two roof layers.
When it rains, the climate chamber prevents condensation and in cold weather it retains the heat.
In hot summer weather, the climate chamber insulates the roof from the indoor area, so the sunshine does not heat up the tent.
A fantastic system!
And that's not all: you can even completely remove roof of a Kyte, by unzipping it from the main tent.
Very practical to support minor repairs or, if after many years, you decide to replace the roof.


Sleeping Systems

You might be sleeping even better than at home…….. Of course you will sleep well in a Holtkamper! It comes with a spacious comfortable slatted bed, with aluminum frame and a Holtkamper Dream mattress...*



Store your valuable belongings in the "Holtkamper CampSafe" !

One takes more and more valuable belongings on vacation, like mobile phone(s), digital camera, navigation appliance, video camera and laptop or tablet. These items, like passports and wallet, can be stored safely in the Holtkamper CampSafe.



Put your bike on a (car)bike carrier on the Holtkamper Trailer Hitch.

Bicycles can always be transported, when using a Holtkamper trailer tent. 

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