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Cocoon Aero Easy Windforce trailer tent

Holtkamper Cocoon Aero Windforce 

We have applied the very successful technology of the Kyte, to this Cocoon model. 

Complete automatic tent erecting and packing away, the Windforce System is the standard with this new Cocoon Aero model.

Even manual operation is very simple and can easily be done by one person.

Cocoon Aero specifications:

Cocoon Aero specifications: (o.w. some are extra's)

  • The only trailer tent, without loose tent poles and guy ropes
    This limits the lot requirements and supports easy tent erection. For just an overnight camp, no pegs or pins, are required.
  • Very comfortable bed of 210 cm. by 155 cm
    The mattress is divided in several different pressure zones. A separate wooden bed frame, for each person.
  • Windforce System
    This trailer tent is automatically erected and packed away by air pressure and vacuum. During the Caravan Salon 2012 at Düsseldorf Germany, Holtkamper has been received the "caravanning design award innovations for new mobility 2012/2013", for the windforce system invention. This is one of the categories, of the prestigious Red Dot design award.
    The automatic erecting and pack away process, is completed within three minutes after pressing the remote control and can be performed in all weather conditions. The windforce system, even helps to dry the tent fabric after use, or to ventilate and cool, the interior.
  • Manual operation is very simple too 
    This can easily be performed by one person (thanks to the Holtkamper Hub Chub tent-frame system).
  • Awning and canopy without tent poles
    One large carbon mast, supports the complete awning. No guy ropes of tent poles are required.
    Without a front panel, the awning can be used as an canopy.
  • Romantic cotton inner-tent with zips
    Privacy, draft free, mosquito proof, insulated and suitable in tropical conditions, with lots of ventilation possibilities, which can be operated from inside the tent.
  • Stainless steel square tent frame
    Equipped with bearings and patented lift system.
    "Hub chub" tent-frame system, which support effortless tent stretching, even by one person.
  • Gas-struts supporting the stainless steel bed frame, support the erection and pack away process.
  • Very storm resistant aerodynamic tent design
    All trailer tents models, are personally tested by the designer: Bert Holtkamp, during heavy storm conditions.
  • Holtkamper membrane airco double insulated roof, ventilation and "natural airco" in tropical conditions.
    Two air layers, between three layers of tent fabric, support insulation and absorb sounds.
    Complete draft and vapour proof Holtkamper groundsheet, supports a comfortable temperature during cold weather conditions.
    The "All Climate" windows ensure an optimal ventilation, which can be controlled from inside the tent.
    The tent roof, is connected by zips and can be replaced when required.
    Covered parts of the tent, are protected against sun, rain and other weather conditions.
  • Pack and Go system
    This makes it possible to access the luggage, without erecting the tent. Strong gas-struts to support the user.
  • Extreme light weight concept
    This trailer tent can be used in combination with all type of cars, even some hybrids.
  • Optional trailer hitch
    The optional bicycle carrier, at the end of the trailer, is available for bicycle transport
  • Holtkamper ECO tent fabric,"bleach effect" like applied by our grandmothers
    A comfortable interior temperature, thanks to almost 100% sun reflection.
    Dirt or spots, disappear from the tent fabric, thanks to the use of unique materials.
    Thanks to the many years of innovation and testing by Bert Holtkamp, the tent's lasts many years.
  • Modular design
    Many accessories and options, are possible. Thanks to the modular design, many options can be ordered and installed at a later moment.
  • Durable product
    Aluminium, birch-wood, cotton fabric, polyester fabric (environment friendly). These materials can be, largely, recycled.
  • Holtkamper is assembled in the Netherlands
    Service and warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Very long lifetime and fixed value
    Long lasting model design, colors and very high quality materials.
  • Off Road option with 16 Inch rims
  • Multiple kitchen options
    A mobile kitchen on the A frame, a fixed kitchen at the back of the MTT chassis.
  • Sliding spare wheel frame
    To supports an easy and simple wheel replacement.
  • Usable as transport trailer
    Tent, tent frame, bed and kitchen can be removed, so the "empty" trailer can be used for transport purposes (by you, or your company).
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