Your way of camping



    Comfortable sitting area inside the trailer


    An (optional) Adventure Tent can be connected to the Flyer tent


    A mobile kitchen can be transported on the A-frame


    Up to five bicycles can be transported, by using a roofrack support frame.


    The tent can be erected, by one person, within minutes


    Unique trailer construction: beech wood interior (perfect insulation), polyester exterior (scratch and dent-proof)



Just the two of you on a glorious weekend trip, or summer vacation with the whole family. The Flyer is made for this: a large double bed, a spacious living area and a multifunctional area with separate entrance on the “hardtop” floor. An ideal bedroom for the children, or toilet area/ wardrobe area when the two of you take off by yourselves! The awning/canopy is so quick to erect, it offers a world of comfort.

When the weather is fine, simply unzip the front- and side panels and set the side panels. This provides optimal ventilation, shade and privacy.

Mosquitoes everywhere in the camp site? No problem! All windows in the Flyer are fitted with high-quality mosquito nets so the air continues to circulate freely.

Control the climate

The Flyer is equipped with a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention: the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System. Once you've used this system, you'll never want to do without it. During hot weather (over 30 degrees) you open the roof and the hot air flows out of the tent. At the same time, the sun is prevented from heating the air in the tent: the air under the outer roof, escapes straight away as soon as the sun causes the temperature to rise. In all other (normal) weather conditions, you don't need to do anything! The Membrane Airco Tent System, works automatically. There is a kind of 'climate chamber' between the two roof layers. When it rains, the climate chamber prevents condensation and in cold weather it retains the heat. In hot summer weather, the climate chamber insulates the roof from the indoor area, so that the sunshine heats up the tent less quickly. A fantastic system!

Camping convenience

The Flyer was designed for high adventure treks. After all, it comes with the world's fastest folding system. Trailer tent can be pitched without tent pegs!, including the awning/canopy.

Sleeping like a Royal

Inside the Flyer is a double bed. The mattress is made from high density foam, ensuring comfort and longevity.

Mobile Kitchen The Green Kitchen is being placed at the front of the trailer. (on the A frame).

It is equipped with a luxury gas cooker and lots of space for food and supplies.

Technical Specifications

Kerb weight   Ca. 350 kg  
Remaining capacity   Ca. 400 kg  
Total weight   750 kg  
Luggage space   Under the bed, ca. 1.000 litres  
Tyres   Quality tyres 165/70 13"  
Mattress   Quality mattress ca. 210 x 140 cm  
Size Flyer tent   Incl. Awning ca. 26 m²  
Tent Fabric   Holtkamper ECO cotton  
Chassis   Al-Ko quality chassis  
Brakes   Al-Ko chassis with mechanical brake system  
Trailer size   Ca. 220 x 157 x 102 cm (Excl. A-frame)  
Interior trailer tent   Beech wood interior  
Exterior trailer   Polyester exterior (scratch- and dent-proof)  
Trailer size (incl A frame)   Ca. 348 x 157 x 106 cm  
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