Your way of camping



    Thanks to the innovative folding system, this trailer tent can be erected within minutes


    The complete canopy is erected, using the integrated suspended carbon mast


    The design of the Kyte, does not require the use of guy ropes


    The tent is equipped with the world wide patented, Membrane Airco Tent System


    The patented ultra light trailer construction, has been designed by Holtkamper; this ensures an optimum integration of all components. The trailer, is constructed on an Al-Ko chassis.


    Before you leave home, you can load the Kyte, by using the integrated Pack-N-Go system, which allows you to pack your luggage, without the tent to be opened.


    You can erect (or pack away), this trailer tent, even in the pouring rain and still keep the inside dry. This is possible by the perfect connection between the tent and the groundsheet.


The most astonishing Trailer Tent

The new Holtkamper Kyte, astonishes campers. Never before have we put so many new designs, technologies and gadgets, in a single new Trailer Tent. A fast number of design are new and remarkable, so these could be patented.

The Kyte pole-free awning, is truly one-of-a-kind, worldwide. The pole-free awning 'floats' above the ground, without the need for any loose upright poles to support it. That leaves all of the awning space at your disposal! All you need to do is tighten the outer ends of the awning: the pole-free awning requires no ropes at all. The suspended carbon mast of the pole-free awning keeps the entire awning taught, even during storms. Bert Holtkamp, the Kyte's designer: “At our test rock at the coast of Normandy, the Kyte had some very stormy conditions to contend with. The pole-free awning is built in such a way, that simply nothing can go wrong with it. The endurance test proves that beyond doubt. “When the Kyte is erected or packed away, the awning stays connected to the mast. Because of this, positioning the mast is a piece of cake. The carbon fibre, makes the mast extremely strong, but at the same time very lightweight. In no time at all, you transform a few metre of fabric into a majestic kite.

Attention: The Kyte's Pole-free awning, is protected by multiple patents.

Sophisticated roof
The Pole-free awning, runs seamlessly into the Roof Extensions, which have been especially designed for the Kyte. These self-bearing roofs, shield the windows and the side wall of the main tent, against rain and direct sunlight. The Roof Extensions also prevent the side walls from getting dirty too quickly. Dirt, combined with moisture, is the biggest cause of mould forming in tent fabric. This problem is limited by the Roof Extensions. No loose poles are needed to fold out the Roof Extensions: the hinged frame simply folds in and out, together with them.
Attention: the Kyte Roof Extensions, using Roof Extenders, are protected by multiple patents.

The Kyte 2Nd Roof supports even longer camping pleasure
What is the most important component of a tent? The fabric ! To be even more specific: the fabric of the roof. The roof of a tent, has to cope with sun (UV radiation), rain, dirt and even hailstones. All these hit the roof at first. This notion, lead to the Holtkamper 2Nd Roof option, in fact a complete spare roof! The 2Nd roof supports, after many year of camping pleasure, a complete Kyte makeover! All eye catching components, as Pole-free awning and Roof Extensions, are included in this 2Nd roof package. A Kyte, with a completely new roof, has a higher market value and is more durable. The roof can be replaced, without tools or a specialist knowledge; you are able to exchange the roof, where-ever and whenever suits you.
Control the climate
The Kyte is equipped with a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention: the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System. Once you've used this system, you'll never want to do without it. During hot weather (over 30 degrees) you open the roof and the hot air flows out of the tent. At the same time, the sun is prevented from heating the air in the tent: the air under the outer roof, escapes straight away as soon as the sun causes the temperature to rise. In all other (normal) weather conditions, you don't need to do anything! The Membrane Airco Tent System, works automatically. There is a kind of 'climate chamber' between the two roof layers. When it rains, the climate chamber prevents condensation and in cold weather it retains the heat. In hot summer weather, the climate chamber insulates the roof from the indoor area, so that the sunshine heats up the tent less quickly. A fantastic system! And that's not all: you can even completely remove the Kyte's roof by unzipping it from the main tent. Very handy to support minor repairs or, if after many years, you decide to replace the roof.

Luggage space
In fact, just about the entire Kyte trailer can be filled with luggage. Under the collapsible bed-frame, you will find 1,500 litres of luggage space! No cramming required: the entire body of the trailer can be filled with clothing, toys, chairs and so on.

Pack-N-Go !
The Holtkamper Pack-N-Go System even makes it possible to access the luggage space, without erecting the tent. That's especially useful when packing the trailer tent and if you suddenly remember where your sunglasses are, just after you have set off. The bed linen and other 'soft items' take up no extra luggage space, as they are simply placed on the bed.

The Holtkamper Kyte Masterclass Kitchen
The beauty of the Kyte Masterclass Kitchen is almost indescribable. Even the photos on this page, are not able to show the true splendour of the kitchen. It features all mod cons: a superb three ring gas cooker covered with a stylish glass plate; two spacious shelves with countless drawers for spices, cutlery and pasta; a practical (optional) water supply to rinse your hands; a fridge for the cold drinks and dairy products; and then we have the large 'kitchen hold' that you access via two large flaps, from above. No more bending down and searching endlessly. Everything is to hand, in practical curver boxes. As you control the level of shelter of the Pole-free awning, you always have the right climate for cooking: not too hot, not to cold.

Sleeping like a royal
The Kyte features a slatted bed-frame with a King Size mattress measuring 210 x 155 cm! There are plenty of ventilation options that can be used whilst in bed. The windows can be opened from inside out at any position, and the sleeping cabin has a huge ventilation wall with mosquito netting. And then there is the Membrane System in the roof!

Everyone can go "Kyting"
Curious faces watching from a distance at the camp site transform into astonished faces as soon as the Kyte is set up. The way the Kyte emerges like a butterfly is an amazing sight to see. The pole-free awning is tightened with a classic kite surfing movement. Setting up the Kyte is simply great fun. Remember to take a few extra seats for the astounded passers-by who'll be too eager to take a look inside. Planning to move frequently between camping sites? No problem! Jelle Holtkamp did precisely that every day in Iceland. Nothing could be easier with the Kyte.

Kyte for large and small families
Any family fits in the Kyte. Whether there are two, three, four or five of you I there is a Kyte tailored perfectly to your family situation. You are free to choose the configuration and model.

The Kyte erected on grass in 12 minutes

The Kyte now comes as standard with the Wind Force® system; a new and exciting feature that uses over and under pressure to erect and take down the trailer tent automatically at the push of a button. The system is so impressive it received the International Design Award Innovations for new mobility 2012-2013.

The most realistic video ever. Recorded realtime, no editing.
The Holtkamper Kyte trailer tent, as this 'shocking video' shows, has been completely erected on a Dutch lawn, including steadies, unzipping the soft top, erecting the Kids-tent L, Pole-free awning, groundsheet, Roof Extensions, and so on.
The results is: in12 minutes the complete Kyte is erected and ready for use. Anyone can do this.
Please click on this link to view the video:

Iceland 2009: an incredible adventure
Exploring sunny Iceland with the Kyte.
Two days on the ferry from Denmark and you arrive on Iceland, with your car and trailer tent.
If you would like to cross rivers, but even with a 'standard' car, Iceland is a amazing country to visit.

“I had three wonderful weeks. The boat trip like an all inclusive mini-cruise and exploring the beautiful Iceland scenery. I travelled with a land Rover Discovery and a Kyte Off Road model, but traveling with a standard 'on-road' trailer is no problem. Adjacent to the main roads, you will find countless glaciers, volcanos, lakes and lovely fisherman's villages. Even kids will enjoy Iceland. The kids will appreciate this exploring trip.

We have been travelling from campsite to campsite. The Kyte has been packed away and erected daily. No effort, due to the speedy erection system. 'Hotspots' like Myvatn, form a excellent base camp for multiple day trips. “

• Kerb weight ca.500 kg, remaining capacity ca. 250 kg
• Total weight 750 kg
• Luggage space under the bed + in kitchen ca. 1,500 litres (!)
• Total luggage space, including space under soft top ca. 1,750 litres

Technical Specifications

Light weight trailer   Assembled using anodized aluminum  
Al-Ko quality chassis   Mechanical brake system  
Large wheels   Quality tyres 165/R14", shock absorbers, aluminum rims  
Tent frame   Galvanized, epoxy coated in Holtkamper ocher  
Complete set of pegs and pins   In hold-all with compartments  
Quality mattress   High resilience foam mattress  
All Climate windows   With mosquito net, solar proof window film and curtain  
Canopy sidewalls Left and Right   Removable by zip  
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